422. G. Haberler to Harrod , [January 1935] [a]

[Follows on from 421 , replies to 414 , the exchange continues at 427 ]

[January 1935]

Dear Harrod,

I have just a few days ago returned to Geneva after an absence of several weeks. I was very sorry to hear that you thought we have misrepresented you. [1] I hope we have now removed all the objectionable passages, as you will see from the enclosed definite form of the manuscript as it will appear in the "Economica". [2] In the case of Kaldor, I am sorry to say, that it was you who has misunderstood him. He was here and we made sure of that. That means also that he has misunderstood you. Between us the state is now quite clear, so far as I can see, except your contention that your first Economica article is valid also under the usual definition of savings. [3] For the reasons which we give in the text, we do not believe that this is true. [4] It involves you in contradictions.

I sincerely hope that we have put the whole thing now in a shape which does not in any way misrepresent or offend you. I found the whole discussion extremely stimulating and I believe you have, by writing your article, clarified some points, which needed clarification.

I had interesting holidays. I was first in Belgium at a meeting of the European Economic Services [5] where I got acquainted with Hicks' new theory of the trade cycle which looks very promising indeed. [6] Then I spent some days in Germany, two weeks in Vienna and a week skiing [b] on the Arlberg. Will you never come to Geneva? We had so many visitors here recently especially from England that according to the principles of fair sampling you should be among them.

Please remember me to Opie when you see him and to Marschak [c] .

With kind regards.


Gottfried Haberler

  1. 1. See letter 414 to Bode.

    2. K. Bode and G Haberler, "Monetary Equilibrium and the Price Level in a Progressive Economy: A Comment" (1935). Ten copies of the proofs were sent to Harrod, and are now located in HCN 9/1.

    3. Letter 414 , [jump to page] . Reference is to Harrod, "The Expansion of Credit in an Advancing Community" ( 1934:8 ).

    4. Bode and Haberler, "Monetary Equilibrium and the Price Level" (1935), p. 78 note 1.

    5. Probably refers to the International Conference of Economic Services. The institution contributing for Belgium was the Institut des Sciences Économiques, Université Catholique de Louvain.

    6. Probably refers to J. R. Hicks, "Gleichgewicht und Konjunctur", Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie IV, 4, June 1933, pp. 441-455 (translated as "Equilibrium and the Cycle", in Economic Inquiry, November 1980).

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in HP IV-395-422.

      b. Ms: «skying».

      c. Ms: «Marshak»

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