18R. Woodruff to Harrod, 6 September 1921 [a]

Woodruff gives some suggestions as to Harrod's future career. In particular, he thinks that Harrod should point out that his curriculum has prepared him for modern subjects like economics (in view of PPE to be advertised the following year [1] ), but also advises Harrod to tell people that he meant to make his way to the Bar. [2]

  1. 1. The Faculty of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Modern Greats, as it was then called) opened its doors to the first students in the 1921-22 academic year. Colleges thus started assuming tutors to train their students in the new disciplines.

    2. The career to the Bar was the first step towards Harrod's final aim, entering Parliament: see letters 24 R and 25 .

    1. a. From 30 Kingston Rd. [Postal address New College], ALS, three pages, in HPBL Add. 72733/131-33.

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