417R. L. C. Robbins to Harrod, 9 January 1935 [a]

The letter regards Harrod's feeling of being misrepresented by Haberler and Bode. [1] Robbins explains that after the exchange between Harrod and Robertson, the Economica editorial board "had a long debate whether to close the issue definitely or--since we had several offers of contribution and actual manuscripts before us--to have one further comment. After much discussion it was decided to invite Haberler to contribute a short comment of not more than about 3000 words--since he was the most distinguished of the other participants in the controversy." [2] Robbins cannot consider either to include Harrod's reply in the current issue, or to delay Haberler's; [3] however, he promises that the editorial board would consider it for the next issue.

  1. 1. Harrod's feeling is well expressed in letter 414 to Bode. References are to Harrod, "The Expansion of Credit in an Advancing Community" ( 1934:8 ), "Banking Policy and Stable Prices" ( 1934:9 and 1934:10 , press items 8 and 9 ), Robertson, "Mr. Harrod and the Expansion of Credit" (1934), and Bode and Haberler, "Monetary Equilibrium and the Price Level in a Progressive Economy: A Comment" (Economica, 1935).

    2. Haberler was pre-warned of this decision by Hayek--who was also sent Haberler's exchange with Harrod for comments (Hayek To Haberler, 22 November 1934, in GH Box 66).

    3. Harrod, "Rejoinder to Drs. Haberler and Bode" ( 1935:1 ). The article, however, was printed in the current issue, immediately after Haberler's.

    1. a. From Parsch bei Salzburg # , ALS, six pages, in HP IV-975-989.

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