413R. A. J. Ayer to Harrod, 20 December 1934 [a]

Ayer sends "the stuff for Whitehead: an article for Mind, another from the Proc. Arist. Soc. and two chapters of my book". He adds: "I should be very grateful if you will read it yourself, and send it to him only if you think is suitable". [1] The exchange continues at 420 R.

  1. 1. Ayer was a lecturer at Christ Church, but his position was in jeopardy. Harrod had the idea of reviving the Research Studentship which was created for Einstein and left vacant after his departure for Princeton, and asked Moore, Price and Whitehead to write a testimonials for Ayer. The episode is recalled in Ayer's Part of my Life (Oxford: University Press, 1979, pp. 161-63), where the letters are summarized or cited. Only Whitehead's letter of recommendation was found (here as letter 419 R); for a reference to Moore's testimonial see letter 518 , [jump to page] .

    Ayer's writings to be forwarded to Whitehead were "Demonstration of the Impossibility of Metaphysics", Mind XLIII:171, July 1934, pp. 335-45; "On Particulars and Universals", Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, N.S. XXXIV, 1934, pp. 51-62; the two central chapters of Language, Truth and Logic (1936) (Ayer, Part of my Life, p. 162).

    1. a. From 58, High Street, Oxford # , four pages ALS, in HPBL Add. 71181/102-103.

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