411R. J. H. A. Sparrow to Harrod, 25 November 1934 [a]

Sparrow very much enjoyed Harrod's paper, although he found the argument clearly put but difficult to retain in the mind. He asks for clarification on the statement that the disadvantage resulting from the telling of a million lies would (almost certainly) be greater than a million times the disadvantage arising from telling one. [1] Continues at 412 R.

  1. 1. Harrod's paper was not found. However, it was an early version of "Utilitarianism Revised", later published in Mind ( 1936:5 ). The paper was read at the 239th meeting of the Oxford University Philosophical Society held at Christ Church on 25 November 1934. The minutes record that there was a discussion after the paper to which Mr. I. Gallie, Mr. Foster, Mr. Ayer, Mr. W. Gallie, Prof. Lindemann and Mr. Kneale, as well as Harrod himself, contributed (OUPS, MS. Top. Oxon. e.369/1/50v). See also letter 489 to Moore, [jump to page] .
    1. a. From All Souls College, Oxford # , ALS, four pages, in HPBL Add 71612/175.

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