386. J. M. Keynes to Harrod , 28 October 1934 [a]

[Replies to 385 ]

King's College, Cambridge #

28 October 1934

Dear Roy,

I return the enclosed [1] herewith [b] . As I said on the telephone, I think it would be prudent to leave out section 9. [2] It seems to me that it needs much more development if it is to be convincing and apart from its novelty it is likely to be more upsetting to the reader than your other points. What I like in the rest of it is its vigour--as well as its lucidity--but this section detracts a little from that impression.

Yours ever,

J M Keynes

Roy Harrod Esq., Christ Church, Oxford.

  1. 1. An Addendum that Harrod prepared for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Future of Monetary Policy (1935); this was not published, and is no longer extant.

    2. Some hints as to Harrod's argument in Section 9 can be found in Robertson's comment on it: see letter 370 , [jump to page] .

    1. a. TLS with autograph correction, one page, in HP II-43. Reproduced by kind permission of the Provost and Scholars, King's College, Cambridge.

      b. Ts: «enclosedherewith»

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