380. D. H. Robertson to Harrod , 19 October 1934 [a]

[Follows on from 370 ]

19 October 1934

No,--I don't think ill,--only feel a little envious of you, and Maynard, and Robbins, and my young Communist friends, and everybody else who feels clear that he knows what ought to be done and inspired by missionary zeal to proclaim it! Perhaps it is my particular function to keep alive the right of the professional economist not to give advice!

But I see your point about the point of your memorandum [1] having been general emphasis and not particular tweaks.



  1. 1. Refers to an addendum Harrod prepared for the Royal Institute of International Affairs's Report on The Future of Monetary Policy (1935). See note 1 to letter 370 .
    1. a. ALI, one page on a halved sheet, in HP IV-990-1069d/23.

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