379R. Harrod to Michael Sadler, 19 October 1934 [a]

Harrod agrees that more of the money available for the Bodleian should be used for endowment and less on structure. Nonetheless, Harrod thinks that ultimately all the space in Broad Street is going to be used, and that the architect should work with that in mind. Therefore Harrod thinks there is no chance that Sadler's proposal would lead to a change of programme at that stage. [1]

  1. 1. This letter originates from a debate held at the Society on 18 October. There, Sadler expressed his more recent thoughts about the reorganization of the Bodleian library, which included a great annex at Cuttleslowe, the reduction of the present scheme in Broad Street and the use of a larger share of the Rockefeller money for salaries. These suggestions were met with favour by some of the younger people present, and were not opposed by the others. Sadler therefore decided to write at once to some of the members of the Bodleian Library Building Committee (Sadler, diary entry for 18 October 1934, in MS. Top. Oxon. c.634, fol. 44; a Cc of the letter addressed to Arthur McWatters on 19 October, indicating that a copy of it was also addressed to Harrod, Sisam, Alic Smith, Dr. Craster, F. H. Dudden (the Master of Pembroke), and H. E. D. Blackiston (President of Trinity), is in the same folder, folios 62-63).

    On receipt of Sadler's letter, Smith wrote to Harrod discussing the Broad Street arrangement for the Bodleian Library: although he has never been enthusiastic about it, he did not feel that the scheme could be changed at that point, and thus considered urgent that it was used to the best benefit of future students (Smith to Harrod, 20 October 1934, in HPBL Add 71612/138. In a previous letter, Smith asked Harrod's opinion as to whether he should turn up at a Bodleian Library meeting--presumable the above-mentioned debate at The Society: Smith to Harrod, 11 October 1934, in HPBL Add 71612/137).

    1. a. From Christ Church, two pages ALS, in MS. Top. Oxon. c.634, fol. 51.

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