374R. W. Milne-Bailey to Harrod, 9 October 1934 [a]

Milne-Bailey, Secretary to the Research & Economic Department of the Trade Union Congress General Council, sends a memorandum on "Silver", dated 5 October 1934 (attached, in the same folder) concerning a Report adopted by the Master Cotton Spinners' Federation on the subject, [1] and asks for Harrod's opinion; he would like to know if this opinion could be given in confidence to the Cotton Trade Union.

  1. 1. W. M. Wiggins, "Lancashire Cotton. Management and Policy. Silver Research", the Times, "Silver" number, 20 February 1934, p. XV.
    1. a. From the Trades Union Congress General Council, Transport House, London # , two pages TLS, in HCN 14/4.

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