365. Harrod to G. Haberler , 31 August 1934 [a]

[Replies to 364 , answered by 366 ]

Christ Church, Oxford #

31 August 1934

Dear Haberler

Many thanks indeed for sending me your preliminary draft. [1] I will do my best to make any comments which might be helpful. It came to me almost on the first day of my holiday, after a very strenuous time. Do you want the replies very quickly? Or would it be the same to you in 2 or 3 weeks time? I have the feeling that I do not want to do any sort of work on the holiday!

I enclose an offprint. [2] I should like you to look particularly at Part II. This seems very simple-minded. But I still think, though always open to persuasion, that Hayek's Monetary Theory of the Cycle, and, to the extent that it depends on the conclusions of that, Prices [b] & Production also, [3] rests on a mistake that can be met by this simple-minded argument.

Yours sincerely

R. F. Harrod

  1. 1. G. Haberler, Systematic Analysis of the Theories of the Business Cycle (1934).

    2. Harrod, "The Expansion of Credit in an Advancing Community" ( 1934:8 ). See, for context, note 1 to press item 8 .

    3. Hayek, Monetary Theory and the Trade Cycle (1933), and Prices and Production (1931).

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in GH Box 66. Indicates at the top of the page the League of Nations filing number of Haberler's letter, "10B/12653/12653".

      b. Ms: «Price».

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