356R. L. C. Robbins to Harrod, 2 May 1934 [a]

The letter concerns the expulsion of Meyer from the LSE: Robbins finds interesting what Harrod writes on his character, but nothing can be done about this case. [1] Robbins adds that the papers have arrived, that he signed them and sent them off, and that he agrees with Harrod's corrections. [2]

  1. 1. F. S. Meyer, an American graduate anthropologist who was the president of the student's union, was expelled from the LSE together with H. J. Simons, the president of the Marxist Society, for defying Beveridge's prohibition of selling the Student Vanguard paper after this published a libellous article on one of the School's professors. The episode is described in J. Harris, William Beveridge. A Biography, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1977, pp. 291-93. Harrod also wrote twice to Beveridge on Meyer's character and ability, but was explained that the nature of his offence has made impossible to consider taking him back (Beveridge to Harrod, 30 April and 7 May 1934, in HPBL Add. 71182/1-2; Harrod's letters have not been found).

    2. Presumably refers to Harrod's article on "The Expansion of Credit in an Advancing Community" ( 1934:8 ), which appeared in the August issue of Economica.

    1. a. From The London School of Economics, Aldwich, W.C.2. # , ALI, eight pages, in HPBL Add. 71188/125-128.

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