354. J. M. Keynes to Harrod , 6 April 1934 [a]

46, Gordon Square, Bloomsbury #

6 April 1934

My dear Roy,

What about the enclosed note of yours on Collective Bargaining, which, you will remember, we left out of the Journal in order to make room for another note of yours to which you attached more importance? [1]

Looking at this note again, it seems to me to be interesting and I see no sufficient reason why it should be massacred. Have you, in the meantime, found any reason to alter it or use the material elsewhere? If not, I should be disposed to keep it by me for publication either in June or, as you already have a note coming out in that, [2] perhaps in the September Journal. [3]

Yours ever,

J M Keynes

R.F. Harrod Esq., Christ Church, Oxford.

  1. 1. Harrod, "A Note on Collective Bargaining", here reproduced as essay 10 . For a chronology of the events relating to this piece see note 1 to essay 10 .

    2. Harrod, "The Equilibrium of Duopoly" ( 1934:5 ): see letter 353 .

    3. The "Note on Collective Bargaining" remained unpublished.

    1. a. TLS, one page, in HP II-41; envelope addressed to Christ Church but forwarded to 51 Campden Hill Square. The enclosure seems to have been moved to another folder: see note 1 to essay 10 . Reproduced by kind permission of the Provost and Scholars, King's College, Cambridge.

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