352. F. W. Taussig to Harrod , 24 March 1934 [a]

[Replies to a letter not found; follows on from 340 R]

Quarterly Journal of Economics, Cambridge #

24 March 1934

Dear Harrod:

Thank you for returning proof so promptly. [1] Your corrections are easily understood, and figure 7 will be redrawn according to your directions.

Let me add a word in acknowledgment of your review of Pigou's book in the Economic Journal. [2] It is a very admirable performance, and you are just, discriminating, and appreciative to the full. What you say in the earlier pages about Pigou's way of expressing himself, and the great trouble to which he puts the reader in discerning the salient points is most true. [3] Our much admired colleague would have saved a great deal of trouble for his readers, and certainly for me not a little troublesome head work, if he had indicated more clearly what is the main thread of his argument or what are quasi-digressions, and mention of possibilities which do not signify for the purpose in hand. Of his extraordinary intellectual powers there can be no doubt.

Cordially yours,

F. W. Taussig

R. F. Harrod, Esq., Christ Church, Oxford, England

  1. 1. Harrod, "Doctrines of Imperfect Competition" ( 1934:3 ).

    2. Harrod, "Professor Pigou's Theory of Unemployment" ( 1934:1 ).

    3. Harrod, "Professor Pigou's Theory of Unemployment" ( 1934:1 ), pp. 19-21.

    1. a. TLS with autograph corrections, one page. Envelope addressed to Christ Church, but forwarded to 51 Campden Hill Sq., London. In HP IV-1183-1189.

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