350R. F. Milner to Harrod, 15 March 1934 [a]

Milner asks if Harrod could assist the Civil Service Commissioners in the Administrative group of Competitions by acting as an examiner in General Economics in July and August 1934. He sends a syllabus and a copy of the question paper set on the last occasion. [1]

  1. 1. Harrod acted as an examiner for the Civil Service commission from 1934 to 1937. A number of letters survive on the subject. On 19 March 1934, Milner thanked Harrod for accepting and asked for comments on the examination paper (in HP VI-93/4). The next letter, renewing the invitation for the following year, is dated 2 January 1935 (printed form, in HP VI-93/5). On 25 November 1936 Harrod was sent a note on standards, supplement on syllabus, regulations, and copies of question papers and asked again (HP VI-93/7-8), and on 4 December his opinion was invited on some remarks by L. Fraser on how the subjects should be distributed and on the expediency of asking questions of a mathematical nature (in HP VI-93/8). In March 1937, Harrod suggested that a new examination paper on Public Finance be set up (Milner to Harrod, 10 March 1937, in HP VI-93/9). The suggestion was accepted, 44 candidates chose it (Milner to Harrod, 8 May 1937, in HP VI-93/10). Two further letters from Milner (10 June and 12 July 1937, in HP VI-93/11-12) and one on minor matters from L. Blaikie (1873-1951), assistant commissioner and director of examinations at the Civil Service Commission, are also extant (21 July 1937, in HP VI-93/13).
    1. a. From Civil Service Commission, 6, Burlington Gardens, London # , one page TLS, enclosing a Printed Form, in HP VI-93/2 and 3.

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