344. William Beveridge to Harrod , 29 January 1934 [a]

[Answered by 345 ]

The London School of Economics, Aldwich, London #

29 January 1934

Dear Harrod,

I understand you have kindly and bravely undertaken to review Pigou's "Theory of Unemployment". [1] I do not know whether the rough notes that I made with a view to this review (before finally deciding that I was not a worthy reviewer [2] ) are any good to you, but in case they are I send them to you. [3] I have not looked at them since I made them on the Berengaria [4] and they may be quite unintelligible.

Please do not trouble to return them.

Yours sincerely,

W H Beveridge

H.R.F. Harrod Esq., Christ Church, Oxford.

  1. 1. Harrod, "Professor Pigou's Theory of Unemployment" ( 1934:1 ).

    2. Beveridge was asked by Macgregor to review Pigou's Theory of Unemployment (1933) for the Economic Journal, but he eventually renounced (see Keynes's comments in letters 320 , 322 and 337 ).

    3. Beveridge, "Pigou: Theory of Unemployment", TD, seven pages, in HCN 10.25.1. These notes consist in remarks on, and criticisms of, specific aspects of Pigou's treatment, but they do not offer a global perspective on the book.

    4. Beveridge travelled to the United States in October 1933: see note 1 to letter 322 .

    1. a. TLS, one page, in HCN 10.25.2; CCTLI in Beveridge IIb/33. © British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Division , London.

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