343. J. M. Keynes to Harrod , 13 January 1934 [a]

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46, Gordon Square, Bloomsbury #

13 January 1934

My dear Roy,

I have now read your article on Pigou. [1] I find it excellent and in some respects more strictly to the point of his stuff than some parts [b] of your previous version. [2] Perhaps I should myself have attributed rather more blame to him for so perpetually tacitly introducing assumptions which are neither realistic nor explicit. One knows with the Prof. that there is generally some hypothesis from which his conclusions follow. But he seldom tells one what it is, and I doubt whether he usually knows himself. And the job of working backwards to discover what the hypothesis must be is tiresome as well as difficult. [3] Besides he is scarcely entitled to set one these unnecessary conundrums.

I have sent on the papers about Pollard to Beves, so that when the latter receives formal application he will know all about it. [4]

Yours ever,

J M Keynes

R.F. Harrod Esq., Christ Church, Oxford.

  1. 1. Harrod, "Professor Pigou's Theory of Unemployment" ( 1934:1 ).

    2. A preliminary version of Harrod's article (not extant) was discussed with Keynes in October 1933: see letters 320 and 322 .

    3. Keynes's criticism along this lines to Pigou's Theory of Unemployment (1933) were printed as Appendix to Chapter 19 of the General Theory (in Keynes, Collected Writings, vol. VII, pp. 272-79).

    4. Spencer Drummond Pollard (1910-89) was at Harvard in 1928-32, a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College in Oxford in 1932-34, and a Research Student at St John's in Cambridge from October 1934 to March 1935 under Beves's tutorship. Harrod had supervised Pollard's research at Oxford on "British Monetary Policy in Recent Years" (Board of the Faculty of Social Studies Minutes, 1928-45, in Bodleian Library FA4/18/1/2, p. 47; Social Studies Reports, FA4/18/2/2, p. 7; see also Oxford University Gazette, 5 October 1933, p. 39). In a previous letter dated 10 January 1934 (in HP II-38), Keynes gave Harrod (on the latter's request) some information regarding the arrangements for Pollard's stay in Cambridge. For Harrod's opinion on Pollard see letter 375 to Kahn, [jump to page] .

    1. a. TLS with autograph corrections, one page, in HP II-39. Envelope addressed to Christ Church, Oxford. Reproduced by kind permission of the Provost and Scholars, King's College, Cambridge.

      b. Ts: «part».

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