14R. J. B. Herbert to Harrod, [22 December 1920] [a]

Herbert asks Harrod to draw up a programme for the Liberal Party for a pamphlet for the Oxford University Liberal Club. [1]

  1. 1. Harrod wrote a programme titled "Liberalism at Oxford", which could have served as a basis for a pamphlet as required by Basil Herbert (AD, two pages, in HPBL Add. 72734/62-63). The document describes the OU Liberal Club and its origin, and lists the main officials (Asquith as the president, John Simon as hon. secretary, and Gilbert Murray as chairman). It specifies that the club has adopted the Manchester Programme which came before the conference of the Reform Club (on the Manchester Programme see for instance M. Freeden, Liberalism Divided. A Study in British Political Thought 1914-1939, Oxford: Clarendon, 1986, pp. 80-81). Other aspects of the liberal position are illustrated by means of long citations from Murray's manifesto "The Oxford University Liberal Club", which appeared in the Oxford Outlook 1:2, June 1919, pp. 61-63.
    1. a. From Oxford University Liberal Club # , two pages ALS, with envelope addressed c/o F. Warburg, 22 Pembridge Gardens, Notting Hill Gate, in HPBL Add. 72729/208-10. Date read from postmark.

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