323R. M. C. Hollis to Harrod, 1 November [1933] [a] , [1]

Hollis is enthusiastic about Harrod's lucid essay in Cole's money book, [2] but asks further explanations as to whether the banks or the community have to be considered as the creators of the money that the banks lend. Similarly, he asks--with reference to the scheme Harrod and his friends advocated in The Times [3] --whether the government should borrow that money for public works.

  1. 1. Year not supplied

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    3. Harrod, "More Money in Circulation" ( 1933:1 ).

    1. a. From Stonyhurst College # , TLS with A additions, two pages, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in HPBL Add. 71191/144-46.

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