319. Harrod to Joan Robinson , 6 October 1933 [a]

Christ Church, Oxford #

6 October 1933

Dear Joan

It might interest you to know that I wrote to Maynard the other day [1] cancelling my note on Collective Bargaining for the E.J., [2] of which I had the proof some time ago, on the ground that it was superseded or made unnecessary by the Economics of Imperfect Competition. [3]

Yours sincerely

Roy [b]

  1. 1. Harrod's letter to Keynes was not found.

    2. Harrod, "A Note on Collective Bargaining", here reproduced as essay 10 .

    3. J. Robinson, The Economics of Imperfect Competition (1933). Reference is to chapter 25 on the monopolistic exploitation of labour, § 1, and to chapter 26 on the monopsonistic exploitation of labour, § 2.

    1. a. ALS, one page, in JVR vii/191/13.

      b. The signature was carefully cut out, following the contour of Harrod's name.

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