312. Joan Robinson to Harrod , 10 July [1933] [a]

[Replies to 311 , the exchange continues at 313 ]

3 Trumpington Street, Cambridge

10 July [1933] [b]

I am delighted to hear that the first discovery of M[arginal]. R[evenue]. was yours & not Yntema's. His grubby article was a very poor cradle for it. [1]

Of course at L. S. E. they say its all in Cournot!

Joan Robinson

  1. 1. T. O. Yntema, "The Influence of Dumping on Monopoly Price", Journal of Political Economy 36:6, December 1928, pp. 686-98. Reproduced by kind permission of the Provost and Scholars, King's College, Cambridge.
    1. a. APcS, in HP IV-963-973.

      b. Postmarked 11 July 1933.

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