12R. Harrod to J. D. Woodruff, 31 July 1920 [a]

Follows on from 11 R. Harrod thinks that "philosophy is reason become a passion", and that that is "why the Sholastics have often been left out of account", including from Oxford's Greats. This explains "why we say that Bradley and J. A. Smith [1] are real philosophers, and that Joseph is at best a philosopher in the sense that Thomas Aquinas was". However, Harrod leaves the question open of whether or not this is right.

  1. 1. Francis Herbert Bradley (1846-1924), educated at University College, Oxford, was fellow of Merton College since 1870. After an illness in 1871 he did not take active part in teaching in the college, but was fully occupied with his writings on philosophy.
    1. a. From 18 Devonshire Place, Eastbourne, three pages ALS, in DWP Box 3 Folder 23.

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