300. D. H. Robertson to Harrod , 3 April 1933 [a]

Trinity [College, Cambridge]

3 April 1933, Midnight

My dear Roy,

I have received these this morning from Christian, with the enclosed (as usual rather spluttering!) letter. [1] I have spent the day in reading the book, and I needn't say I'm profoundly impressed by its intellectual quality. I'm telling Christian that I'm sending the proofs round by you in order that you may vet the few pencil corrections of misprints which I've made in chs 5 & 6 (possibly you have made them already in the archetype, & the copyist has missed them). But I would like at the same time to ask you whether you really want to keep the violent language about deflationists on bottom of p. 158 and protectionists on middle p. 184. I have a feeling that they may be held to detract from the scientific impartiality of the book. (Your almost unique combination of deflation-phobia and protection-phobia is very intriguing, Mondelianly [2] ).

I don't feel that ch VI has really sunk into me yet at all. In particular I find myself jibbing at being asked to imagine people finding their incomes reduced and their money stocks intact, and then afterwards setting deliberately about reducing their money stocks (p. 115).

I feel that I have been rather stuck in neither reading your MS when you sent it me [3] nor making certain that I got the proofs in time to work through them carefully: but I doubt whether in any case I could have made any useful suggestions at this stage.

Many congratulations on a notable achievement. It is packed full of meat.



  1. 1. The proofs of Harrod, International Economics ( 1933:10 ). Neither the proofs nor Christian's letter seem to have survived. The pages in the proofs referred to by Robertson correspond with the final pagination.

    2. Reference is to Alfred Mond, the first Lord Melchett.

    3. Robertson had read a draft of International Economics early in April 1932 (see letter 231 ). Here Robertson is referring to the revised version, the reading of which he deferred to the proofs stage (letters 275 , [jump to page] , 276 , [jump to page] , and 280 , [jump to page] ).

    1. a. ALI, one page, in HP IV-990-1069/17.

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