294R. J. E. Meade to Harrod, [beginning of March 1933] [a]

Meade forwards a letter from Dalton (dated 4 March 1933) which expresses his disapproval with regard to the collective letter to The Times. [1] Meade adds: "I am asking people for Thursday at 2.15 in my rooms to discuss Exchange Control." [2]

  1. 1. Harrod, "More Money in Circulation" ( 1933:1 , press item 5 ; see in particular note 1 for context).

    2. This subject was suggested by E. A. Radice, the secretary of the New Fabian Research Bureau, in November 1932 (see letter 272 , [jump to page] ). The discussion eventuated in Meade's memorandum on "The Exchange Policy of a Socialist Government", on which Harrod commented on 7 June 1934 (letter 357 ).

    1. a. ANI, pencilled on top of the first page of a letter from Dalton to Meade, two pages ALS, 4 March 1933, in HP IV-1270-1303/42.

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