287R. Harrod to Keynes, 27 February 1933 [a]

Replies to 285 R, continues at 290 R. Harrod will let Joan Robinson have copies of the letter to The Times on the following day. [1] He thinks that all those who signed the preceding letter will also sign this one, plus Pigou and Robertson. [2] As to the timing, Harrod proposes to leave the matter to The Times, although "as the letter is a bare statement that there ought to be govt. borrowing it should come first", and suggests leaving the details of the argument to Keynes's articles. [3]

  1. 1. See letter 286 R. Refers to the collective letter to The Times "More Money in Circulation" (Harrod 1933:1 , press item 5 ).

    2. Harrod, "Restoration of Prices" ( 1932:4 , press item 3 ), collective letter to The Times, 5 July 1932. The list of signatories of the two letters largely correspond (see [jump to page] and [jump to page] ); Robertson and Pigou, however, did not sign.

    3. On 28 February Keynes agreed with Harrod's suggestion, and announced that his articles on "The Means to Prosperity" (1933) were due for March 6 to 9 (in HP II-31, CcI in JMK A/33/1/130); the articles, however, eventually appeared on 13-16 March: see letter 290 R. On the same day Barrington-Ward also wrote on the best procedure for the co-ordination of Keynes's articles and the collective letter (in HP IV-1270-1303/10).

    1. a. From Christ Church # , two pages ALS, in JMK A/33/1/128.

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