284R. L. C. Robbins to Harrod, [24 February 1933] [a]

Robbins was asked to send Harrod his paper for the Jowett, [1] but he is not able to do so since it will not be ready before Tuesday [28 February]. However, he summarizes in detail its content. Robbins is glad that Harrod is willing to talk on utility at the London School, and suggests the date of 14 March, which would give Rosenstein-Rodan--who wrote the article on "Grenznutzen" for the Handwörterbuch [2] --the opportunity to attend. [2]

  1. 1. L. Robbins, "The Relation of Economics to Psychology", read before the Jowett Society in Oxford on 28 February 1933. The discussion was opened by Harrod, and continued by the President (A. von Trott), A. H. Smith, Joseph and Fraser. Phelps Brown and Isaiah Berlin were also present (JS, minutes, Ms. Top. Oxon. d. 359/1/128v). The paper was later published in the Manchester School 5, December 1934, pp. 89-101 as "Remarks on the Relationship between Economics and Psychology".

    2. P. N. Rosenstein-Rodan, "Grenznutzen", in L. Elster, A. Weber and F. Wieser, Handworterbuch der Staatswissenschaften, Bd. IV, Jena: Fischer, 1927, pp. 1190-223.

    1. a. From Speedwell 4888, 10 Meadway Close, Hampstead N.W.11. # , ALI, six pages, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in HPBL Add. 71188/121-24. Date read from postmark.

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