268R. W. C. Mitchell to Harrod, 11 November 1932 [a]

"Since receiving your note, I have made inquiries of a dozen men concerning the first use of the word `reflation'. [1] None of them profess to know more than that the term gained rapid currency last autumn. Those who are most definite feel rather positive that the word is an English invention. I shall go on asking questions, and if I learn anything worth your attention, I shall write you again". Mitchell sees the American economic situation as pervaded by an atmosphere of steady courage but also of profound dejection.

  1. 1. Harrod was asked by Wyllie, of the Oxford English Dictionary, to supply information as to the origin of the word "reflation": see letter 256 R of 9 September 1932.
    1. a. From 161 West Twelfth Street, New York City # , TLS, one page, in HPBL Add. 71191/44.

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