256R. J. M. Wyllie to Harrod, 9 September 1932 [a]

Wyllie asks Harrod the current meaning of the term "reflation" and where it first occurred, suggesting that it might be an American invention. [1] He encloses a proof of the entry "member bank" for the Oxford English Dictionary. [2]

  1. 1. On 23 September Wyllie asked for an earlier example of the use of the word "reflation" for the Oxford English Dictionary (HP IV-C/B-1), and on 17 October he thanked Harrod for supplying it (HP IV-C/B-2). Harrod inquired with W. C. Mitchell about the possible origin of the word: see letter 268 R.

    Harrod later questioned the OED entry on reflation in correspondence with Onions (letters 539 R and 627 R), and further discussed it with Keynes (letters 632 and 633 ).

    2. See letter 210 R, and in particular note 1 for Harrod's reply.

    1. a. From the Oxford English Dictionary, Broad Street, Oxford # , ALS, one page, in HPBL Add. 71191/37.

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