253. D. H. Robertson to Harrod , 24 August 1932 [a]

[Answered by 254 ]

Trinity [College, Cambridge]

24 August 1932

My dear Roy,

I have been too long in answering your most interesting and heartening letter about the book. [1] I am so glad all has gone so well, & only hope that in the endeavour to meet me you haven't sacrificed anything you really attach importance to.

(1) Don't bother at all about the lack of Salterismus,--the world has been deluged with it this last year, and I believe even the "general reader" will be relieved to get hold of something more bony.

(2) I think the exercises are a bright idea. [2] It will be fun to see if one can do them right

(3) My only remaining apprehension is whether there is going to be enough about foreign investment and its general queerness as an institution, [3] --of which my mind is rather full, partly as a result of having just re-read (and reviewed for the Journal) Mr. Abbati's racy bulletins, [4] --which I think are particularly good on this point.

So, when you have had a good holiday, go ahead and complete: and when you can give me a date to dangle before Mr. Christian's nose, [5] do so.

You won't want to bother with the enclosed on holiday,--the result of a re-reading of all the recent stuff and a long cross-examination by the Prof! [6] I do not know at all if it is (a) right (b) if so, at all interesting. Perhaps you will successfully convert me to your views. There is no hurry,--I have sent duplicates to Prof. and Shove, and have no thirst for speedy publication, even if it is right.

I am hanging on here till mid-September,--then Ireland,--partly for holiday with Grange Thompson, and partly to examine the National University. It is still quite agreeable here,--enough company and not too much.

Has the revival began, I wonder?



  1. 1. Harrod, International Economics ( 1933:10 ).

    2. International Economics concludes with a few "Questions on the Appendix" relating to chapter II on comparative costs: Harrod 1933:10 , pp. 206-7.

    3. Harrod dealt with international capital movements in chapter VI § 4. The final draft of this section, however, was also deeply influenced by Keynes's comments (see letters 273 , 274 , 277 , 278 , 280 ).

    4. D. H. Robertson, "The Economic Lesson of 1929-31: The First Eleven Bulletins of the Unclaimed Wealth Utilisation Committee of Geneva, Under the Chairmanship of A. H. Abbati", Economic Journal XLII, December 1932, pp. 612-14.

    5. B. Christian, the director of Nisbet & Co.

    6. D. H. Robertson, "A Note on the Supply Curve", Ts, ten pages plus a cover page, not published, in DHR C18/8 (6-16). Preliminary conversations with Pigou are referred to in the paper; further correspondence with Pigou, Shove and others ensued: see note 4 to letter 255 .

    1. a. ALI, two pages on one leaf, in HP IV-990-1069d/12.

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