251R. Harrod to J. E. Meade, 7 July 1932 [a]

Harrod thanks Meade for the work he has done in collecting the signatures for the letter to The Times. [1] In spite of not having had the front page, Harrod thinks the publication "valuable for future reference and as documentary evidence". He announces that he has been "bombarding Runciman with 3 terrific philippics on the subject", [2] without however being able to convince him. Finally, he wonders about future publicity.

  1. 1. Harrod, Meade et. al., collective letter "Restoration of Prices. Fresh Money for Spending" (Harrod 1932:4 , here as press item 3 . See in particular note 1 for a list of Meade's correspondents on the subject).

    2. The correspondence with Runciman is reproduced here as letters 240 , 243 and 249 .

    1. a. From Campden Hill Sq., W.8. # , two pages ALS, in MP 2/5(69).

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