250R. R. M. Barrington-Ward to Harrod, 6 July 1932 [a]

With reference to a proposal advanced by Harrod, The Times cannot guarantee that they will accept an article on the subject which is currently under discussion in the letters column. However, Barrington-Ward suggests to write it anyway, possibly linking it with Salter's article. [1]

  1. 1. A first draft of Harrod's article was ready by 19 July. On that day, Barrington-Ward thanked Harrod for it, and commented that at The Times they hoped to give it as representing a considerable body of opinion on the subject. He pointed out, however, that it would not be possible to print it immediately (in HP IV-1265). On 27 September, Barrington-Ward wrote again, explaining that The Times has not yet had an opportunity to print the article (in HP IV-1266). The article was eventually published on 4 November ("The Dilemma in the Economy", 1932:7 , here as press item 4 ). It opens with a reference to Salter's article on "`Reflation'. What the Policy Implies. A Concerted Effort" (The Times of 30 June 1932, pp. 15-16: see press item 4 , [jump to page] ). The introductory lines by the editor of The Times announced indeed the article as representing "a view shared by a number of economists" ( [jump to page] ). Before publication, however, Barrington-Ward suggested that a few amendments be introduced: see letter 257 R.
    1. a. From The Times, London # , one page TLS, with envelope addressed to Campden Hill Square, in HP IV-1264.

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