244. Harrod to J. E. Meade , 23 June 1932 [a]

51, Campden Hill Square, W.8. #

23 June 1932

Dear Meade

I have just returned from JMK's ballet [1] & find the inkpot dry. [2]

He thinks the signatories adequate, but the time inopportune. [3] He would like to wait for the Lausanne results, [4] add a paragraph on its success or failure and alter the exchange paragraph. But all this is impractical. Several birds have flown already. And he doesnt feel strongly. Kahn would like publication.

What I propose to do, unless you object, is to wait for the evening post on Saturday which should bring in anything you post before 10.a.m. to me, and then send it so that they will have all Monday to consider inserting it on Tuesday. [5] There is a small personal reason why I should like it in on Tuesday, viz. I am dining with some 35 members of the House of Commons (Ch[rist]. Ch[urch]. men) on that day.

But this is a trivial matter if you have any substantial reason for delay.


Roy Harrod

  1. 1. Lydia Lopokova was dancing in the Camargo ballet The Origin of Design. Keynes's appointment diary register an entry on "<Cont.> Art. Society" at 4.45 on 23 June 1932.

    2. The letter is written in pencil.

    3. Refers to the collective letter "Restoration of Prices. Fresh Money for Spending", The Times, 5 July 1932, for which Harrod and Meade were collecting signatures (Harrod 1932:4 , here as press item 3 ; see in particular note 1 for context). The letter was in proofs by 29 June (Harrod to Meade, 30 June 1932, in MP 2/5(67)).

    4. The Lausanne conference on reparations and disarmament was concluded on 9 July.

    5. Tuesday 28 June; the letter was eventually published on the following Tuesday.

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in pencil, in MP 2/5(59).

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