10. H. F. Scott-Stokes to Harrod, 22.ii.21

56 Norman Rd.



My dear Harrod,

I was delighted to find a parcel addressed in your hand waiting for me at the works, & even more touched & delighted when I found what it was & read your charming inscription. `Tis indeed a chancy & perhaps best-of-a-bad-job business this marrying, but it has given me already more joy & peace than I had thought possible in this worst of all possible worlds, & with forbearance and consideration & a minimum of expectation with a maximum of idealizing I do think that a young couple may pull thro' tolerably well. My future is all as uncertain as it well could be, but I'm young enough to enjoy that still. I daresay I may stay here after all, & if so - it was fated. I neither make nor suppress any complaint. Laus Deo.



i.e. generally speaking, & not to imply any great degree of theism! [arrow from Laus Deo, CSS]

  1. 1. British Library, Harrod Collection, Folder Add. 72732, fol. 97 (transcribed by Charity Scott Stokes)

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