49. H. F. Scott-Stokes to Harrod, 6 Aug. '42



6 Aug. '42

My dear Roy,

Many thanks for your letter. I had feared that illness might explain your silence, but I never dreamt of that illness - How terrifying! We have had but one illness in 20 years between six of us, so we have been very lucky.

I think it is hardly expected that Penelope will return to complete Lit.Hum., but Anne is doing PPE, & is up now, working at Nuffield (I believe) - or for Nuffield. She will be home for a brief holiday in about a fortnight.

We had not wished P. to hurry into matrimony, but Mr. Baily is a very decent young lawyer, now R.A., & there really seemed no great ground for delay.

I must exert my wife to play cricket - `Holidays at Home'!



  1. 1. British Library, Harrod Collection, Folder Add. 71189, fol. 83 (transcribed by Charity Scott Stokes)

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