40. H. F. Scott-Stokes to Harrod, 21.xi.32

Bulwarks Lane,



My dear Roy,

Many thanks - oh, only for one year, thank God - of which 10 days are gone. And in that time I have set the whole town by the ears & broken a precedent of endless ages &c.

Well, I think you'll agree with me in the main. Would you believe that the ruddy Town Clerk, who is a man & a brother & my own lawyer, had the nerve to tell me that unless I was prepared to take the Corporation to the Parish Church on "Mayors Sunday" I had no business to take the office of Mayor! At that of course, I said if he cared to put it on those grounds I would withdraw - & that ended that. And in the event I sent the Corporation to Church without me "to mark the connection between Church & State", as the Town Clerk said. Of all the XVIII' century intolerant Erastianism .... Well, it has given the so-called `Nonconformists' food for thought, & I don't see how any of them can ever strut through the Town in a scarlet gown again. There's nothing like a little provincial town for being really behind the times.


  1. 1. British Library, Harrod Collection, Folder Add. 71189, fol. 76 (transcribed by Charity Scott Stokes)

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