29. H. F. Scott-Stokes to Harrod, 3 July 25

Bulwarks Lane,


3 July 25

My dear Roy,

I slept very bouncily in your bed last night, & H.M.A. in the opposite corner - his reflections upon Herr Doktor Catlin were supreme - one never knows whether he is being childishly naïve or supremely subtle. I'm very fond of him. Doubted whether G.C. capable of love. Quite a serious danger that this would be his first experience of ..... .... .... .... - "I should not care to marry a man whose first experience it was" ....

O.& A. - bloody, but the Tory rump [? CSS] was supreme, & I was astonished that any but no two had ultimately voted A. I met G.Ry. Radcliffe on the steps - he greeted me with much pleasantness - of course I knew his lay, & .... - found myself next him at dessert, so said frankly that I had been for A. - he with the greatest candour - "I knew that; I see all the University voting papers, & you always vote for G. Murray" - jolly old secrecy of the ballot! Of course nothing can be done about it. I only hope our men are equally on the spot. He quite obviously never tackled any but those he knew to be sound Tories, & on them he concentrated hard - I didn't see parsons so much as elderly Londoners. The reasons given against A (1) B.A. only (2) "the man who allies himself permanently to ...get & temporarily to Ld. Birkenhead must expect -"

Oh well


  1. 1. British Library, Harrod Collection, Folder Add. 71613, fol. 16 (transcribed by Charity Scott Stokes)

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