23. H. F. Scott-Stokes to Harrod, 4 Dec. '23




37 Glastonbury

4 Dec. '23

My dear Roy,

You have nearly made we well again - I can say no more than that.

There is nothing like an irregular life of high living and late argument for restoring the jaded system, & it is the reward of exile or abstinence that a little indulgence remains intensely delightful. The real strain of this life I lead is not in overwork or any rubbish of that sort but the perpetual reservations made necessary by never encountering anyone intrinsically admirable or even able to understand one's points of view - hard haughty sayings, but not to be denied.

I hope I wasn't too great a burden on you - your dissatisfaction anyway cannot have equalled my satisfaction, so the world is richer for it. Some day we really shall have a roof again, and I recommend it to your honourable notice. I am to make my début as a Liberal socialist (? CSS) tonight - it will give pleasure to many, most of all (I suspect) to myself.

Yours always

Harry S.S.

  1. 1. British Library, Harrod Collection, Folder Add. 71613, fol. 9 (transcribed by Charity Scott Stokes)

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