Bonus materials



The materials indexed in this page supplement the printed version of The Collected Interwar Papers and Correspondence of Roy Harrod. Especial thanks are due to the copyright holders who have granted permission to reproduce images and transcriptions of documents.

(the dark side is that some other materials, included in the paper version, had to be omitted from this site due to copyright problems: see list. See also supplementary materials: Addenda, debates, reflections, etc. stimulated by the Harrod papers and correspondence and the Updates, listing the materials found after the publication of the printed edition)


The Faculty of Economics of the University of Tokyo hosts, and maintains online, a collection "Keynes and Harrod, Letters and Memoranda", 227 items relating to Keynes and Harrod (see a brief description of the documents in the Editorial Introduction). Some of these documents are transcribed in the present edition (links to the corresponding original are provided).

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