[Bonus 1] Harrod to R. Frisch, 1 October 1936 [a]




[Answered by [Bonus 2] ]

Christ Church, Oxford


Dear Frisch

I am sending you this almost as I read it, with the <eqs> deleted in certain places. [1] Since its value, if any, lies in lucidity and selection, and that depended on my initial inspiration or flair, I feel that any tinkering with it would only be likely to make it worse.

My original idea of this was for the economic Journal. Then, when Marschak asked me to read to the econometricians, I got down to writing it; now I am most proud that I should appear in Econometrica, an amateur among professionals. I have written to the Editors of E.J. to tell them that they cant have it. [2]

I hope you will find some things that interest you in my forthcoming book on the Trade Cycle. [3] I rather blush to think of the somewhat grandiose claims made in the Preface! But then my main audience consisted of amateurs also.

Yrs sicely

R. F. Harrod



1. Refers to "Mr. Keynes and Traditional Theory" (Harrod 1937:4), read before the Oxford meeting of the Econometric Society, held in September 1936.
2. The letter, addressed to Keynes and dated 28 September, does not seem to be extant; Keynes's reply, dated 7 October 1936, is reproduced as letter 590.
3. Harrod, The Trade Cycle (Harrod 1936:8).
a. ALS, 2 pages on one leaf, in Frisch papers (National library, Oslo), 761A, folder Harrod..

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