Carlo Giannini


Carlo Giannini passed away on the 11th of September 2004, after a long fight with cancer he strove with his characteristic bravery. It was a huge loss not only for his family and those who beloved him, ma also for the Italian University System. Carlo has taught for more than 30 years, and he left a large number of colleagues, pupils and friends.

Carissimo Carlo, Carissimo Giannini by Salvatore Grillo

Per Carlo by Lorenzo Rampa

Take a walk on the wild side by Marco Lippi

Carlo Giannini’s Bibliography

Carlo has been remembered on the Journal of Econometrics with the following words: “Finally, we thank the authors of the many fine papers collected here, which we hope will honour the memory of our colleague Carlo Giannini of the University of Pavia, to whom we are indebted for having shaped Italian research in financial and macro-econometrics.” (F.X. Diebold, R.F. Engle, C. Favero, G.M. Gallo, F. Schorfheide, ‘Editorial: The econometrics of macroeconomics, finance, and the interface’, Journal of Econometrics, vol. 131, p. 1-2, 2006; doi:016/j.jeconom.2005.01.002).

A special issue of the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics has been dedicated to Carlo by his Editor (Giovanni Urga) as it follows (on page 9): “I wish to dedicate this special issue of the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics to the memory of my mentor and friend Carlo Giannini of University of Pavia (Italy). Those who had the privilege to work with Carlo are missing his impeccable rigour and passionate dedication to econometric analysis.” (G. Urga, ‘Common Features in Economics and Finance: An Overview of Recent Developments’, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, vol. 25, p. 2-11, 2007; doi:10.1198/073500106000000602).

Other initiatives in memory of Carlo Giannini


CG keynote lecture – Plenary session funded by Banca d’Italia – IAAE 2016 -

Carlo Giannini Prize, funded by SIdE – ICEE 2017, Seventh Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics -